Terminology (freerunning)

Angel Drop
This is usually performed on a high ledge–no-look back flip off, landing blind.
Arabian Flip
A back flip with a twist while holding your legs in mid-air.
Back Full Flip
A back flip with a twist in mid-air.
Back Layout
A big exaggerated or extended back flip, arching your back.
Broken Arm Spin
This is a wall spin in which the athlete rotates around the top arm, or arm closest to the wall. Essentially a Wing Spin done with the opposite arm rotating in a backwards motion rather than a forward one.
Cast Inward
Usually performed on a swing bar, it’s a front flip somersalt aimed towards the bar, landing on ground.
Cast Step Back
Usually performed on a swing bar, it’s the same as a Cast Inward, but when landing, push-off the bar with your foot to add more style.
A spin with twisting the body in mid-air.
Devil Drop
A no-look spinning side somersalt flip, landing blind.
Diving Frontflip/Eagle Flip
A frontflip is executed over a wall or other obstacle, usually with a large drop on the other side. It is referred to as a diving frontflip (or dive front) because the athlete is required to dive over the obstacle before initiating the tuck.
Dive Roll
When jumping, dive body forward landing into a roll on ground.
Diving Handstand/Jump to Support Handstand
While dive rolling, land in a handstand and hold position.
While swinging to generate momentum, back flip off a swing bar.
Front Flip to Front Roll
This is exactly how it sounds–a front flip transitioning into a front somersalt.
Leg Giant
While sitting up top a swing bar, lean back and spin on under bar then land on ground.
Palm Flip
This is an advanced flip where the athlete pushes with their palms on the wall and backs flips off the wall.
Palm Spin
Usually performed on a wall, its like a horizontal handstand–spinning your whole body upside down on then back off the wall.
Rail Spin
Same as palm spin, spinning body upside down, but performed on a rail bar.
Rail Swing
Straddle the swing bar and spin your one leg around bar, then spin body to jump off onto the ground.
Reverse Kong Vault
Instead of vaulting over a railing with a Monkey Vault, which may be the most efficient way, the athlete adds a 360 degree spin along the horizontal axis to make the movement more aesthetically pleasing, as well as increasing their coordination.
Side Flip
Flipping your body sideways in mid-air.
Split-Leg Front Flip
A front flip while holding one leg in mid-air.
Standing Gainer
From a standing position, a black flip somersalt while holding both legs.
Suicide Flip
A no-handed dive roll–keep arms at your sides while dive rolling.
A set-up move–sweep one hand down on the ground while spinning your body at the same time before a trick is performed.
Table Flip
A front flip off a table.
Table Spin
Spinning your body over a table.
Under Bar Palm Spin
Jumping over a swing bar, and change directions by palming the bar to go under it.
360 Wallrun
This is similar to the wallrun parkour technique, in which the athlete runs at a tall wall and pushes against the wall with their foot to propel themselves up the wall. The only difference between this movement and the 360 wallrun is that a 360 degree spin is carried out after kicking off the wall and before grabbing the top of the wall.
Wall Flip
The athlete runs to a wall, places a foot on, and does a backflip off of the wall.
Wall Spin
This is an advanced form of the palm spin. The athlete runs to a wall, jumps, places both hands on the wall, and vertically rotates 360 degrees while remaining in contact with the wall. Pushing off with one hand helps the rotation.
Webster Front
A no-handed cartwheel while side flipping off a ledge or platform, holding one leg for more style.
Wing Spin
This is basically a one-handed wall spin. The non-contact hand and arm is spread away from the wall, much like a wing.